Formaldehyde in textile for office chair & sofa

- May 30, 2018 -

Formaldehyde in textile for office chair & sofa

[All countries (US, CN, MX, EU, AU) - except JP, TW, KR]


All fabrics and trims, that come into contact with skin, shall have formaldehyde content comply with one of the following limits:

(a) for infant and children less than or equal to 24 months, shall have absorbance (A-Ao) less than or equal to 0.05.

(b) for adult and children greater than 24 months, shall not exceed 75 mg/kg (75 ppm).         



-Composting is allowed for Adults and children => 24 months

-Composition is NOT allowed for infants and children < 24 months.

Note: For department 27’s outdoor patio seating / umbrellas, please follow the flow chart attached at the bottom of the protocol. If complete report is submitted, perform document review only. See SI for instruction on acceptable third party lab reports.

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