Six Asian Countries Stepped Up Their Efforts To Control Illegal Timber

- Jan 20, 2018 -

        Over the past year, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia have all taken measures to prevent the entry of illegally harvested timber into the market.
        These new regulations will work in tandem with the United States, the European Union and Australia (all of which have similar legislation) and other countries and may create an important global market incentive for businesses in the legal timber trade.
        Recent forest trend reports highlight the rapid evolution of these policies and regulations and analyze the possible implications for the global market. The rapid development of these policies and regulations is very important because six countries accounted for nearly 40% of the global timber import market in 2016 (up from 22% in 2009), together with the United States, the European Union and Australia, accounting for the share of global timber imports More than 90%.
        The provisions of the new regulations in six countries have increased transparency and are designed to help manufacturers meet the timber regulations that have been implemented in major consumer markets such as the EU, the United States and Australia.
        The timber regulations enacted by these six countries also combine at least 30 other countries (EU 28 member states, the United States and Australia) to jointly stop illicit timber trade and potentially create a strong global market incentive for businesses in the legal timber trade. While these six countries are in different stages of establishing and implementing timber import regulations, technical coordination and strong proactive enforcement are crucial to the long-term success of the fight against illicit timber trade and forest protection.

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